Agile Results — A Refinement

Time moves fast. Learning to manage it well is not merely a matter of productivity, but of confronting its unstoppable motion.

Reflection on Editing the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius

Anastasia Khramkova reflects on editing Marcus Aurelius’ “Meditations” into a VR “audiobook”

Praiseworthy Institutions

In which Nicholas Gruen and Peyton Bowman discuss institutions that support human flourishing by limiting competition, rather than nudging people forward through self-interest.

The Dimensions of Free Speech

The right’s test for healthy speech — that it should somehow be “free” and unrestrained — is a weak diagnostic compared to the ideas of isegoria (equal speech) and parhēsia.

Alt-Politics in the Political Center

No one would be satisfied with a politics that was somehow halfway between the extremes of right and left, that wasn’t one thing or another. The center needs a positive definition. It needs its own direction. It needs to offer its own alternative.

Memory is an Amateur. On the Brokedown Palace

Instead of structured hierarchical trees of logic and thinking, memory uses her own idiosyncratic wayfinding to get from one connection to another. The professional keeps his papers in filing cabinets, but memory hides hers in the woods.

What Does the New Popularity of Stoicism Mean?

Stoicism is a philosophical school — one with a long and complicated history — and which, for some reason has, after becoming increasingly popular over the last few years, attracted an even larger audience during the pandemic. Vice reports a significant increase in sales of stoic-related

How Volodymyr Zelenskyy Sent Courage Viral

How the courage of one person — to do, in a sense, only what he is expected to do — has lead to outsize consequences on the world stage.

Flattery in Politics. Mal Meninga vs King Lear

Nicholas Gruen and Peyton Bowman explore the case of Mal Meninga and talk about how society demands flattery over selflessness.



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