Stoic Scholar Bundle

January 1, 0001

The Stoic Scholars Bundle includes the following key resources for anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of Stoicism and the cultural environment in which it flourished.

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This bundle includes

  • Edited audio of a conversation with Nicholas Gruen on the subjects of Stoicism, ancient philosophy, and contemporary approaches like effective altruism,
  • An indispensable guide to Seneca the Younger’s eight verified, surviving tragic dramas,
  • Etext of Seneca’s Medea, featuring “Protoclassic” ruling — making it perfect for note-taking on an iPad or other tablet,
  • A guide to the Aeneid, which, though not a Stoic text itself, will give you important background for Roman Stoicism, and
  • One Free issue of our Monthly Newsletter (a $19.99 value), providing important tips and insights into learning philosophy and teaching it (an essential activity for all scholars, whether or not in the academy), and finding your student audience. (This will be delivered in late December)

We worked with a team of academics like Sofia Bongiovanni to bring you this bundle of resources, a value of $109.95, but it’s FREE right now for a limited time.

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  • The Tragedies of Seneca the Younger Eight Encounters

  • Medea by Seneca the Younger

  • The Aeneid - A Direct Encounter

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