Paying Attention with Nicholas Gruen and Peyton Bowman

January 1, 0001

In the podcast Paying Attention, Peyton Bowman helps Nicholas Gruen explore his thinking around topics related to public discourse, defining an “alt-centre,” and improving the state of society through citizen juries and other “de-competitive” institutions.

Peyton offers support for other long-term or substantial intellectual or writing projects.

If you’re working on a long-form piece of writing, need help building a multi-media footprint for your thinking on the web, or are just looking for a conversation partner, begin a conversation by reaching out to him at The Complete Playlist of Paying Attention Episodes



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"Protoclassic helped me both refine my writing and thinking on substantial intellectual projects all the while keeping an eye to the rapidly evolving online scene. It helped refine and then amplify my message while significantly broadening audience reach and impact." — Nicholas Gruen